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Advanced PowerShell for Windows System Administrators (10962)

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Class Description: 

Expand and build upon the knowledge already acquired in the Automating Administration with PowerShell (10961) course and focus on building more scalable and usable Windows PowerShell scripts for use in your organization by building your own Windows PowerShell tools. Learn about areas such as the creation of advanced functions, script modules, advanced parameters attributes and controller scripts. Also learn how to make your scripts more robust by learning about handling script errors and the analysis and debugging Windows PowerShell scripts. This Microsoft PowerShell advanced training course will also cover the use of Windows PowerShell cmdlets with .NET Framework as well as teaching how to configure your Windows Servers using Desired State Configuration and providing an understanding of Windows PowerShell workflow.

$2 195.00

Knowledge and experience working with Windows PowerShell or knowledge equivalent to the content covered in course Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell (10961).
Experienced in general Windows Server and Windows Client administration or already have experience in administering and supporting application servers and services including applications like Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL.

Who Should Attend?: 

System Administrators

What You Will Learn: 
  • Create Advanced Functions
  • Use Cmdlets and Microsoft .NET Framework in Windows PowerShell
  • Write Controller Scripts
  • Handle Script Errors
  • Use XML Data Files
  • Manage Server Configurations by Using Desired State Configuration
  • Analyze and Debugging Scripts
  • Understand Windows PowerShell Workflow
What is Included: 
  • Microsoft Certified Instructor
  • Microsoft Official Courseware
  • Exercises and Hands-on Labs
24 hours